I’m Matías

Over the last decade, I’ve had the pleasure of build digital products and services for different companies as an employee or co-founder. Besides technology and startups, I also enjoy traveling and getting to know different cities in the world, which must include trying new food in each place.

My Recent Articles

What I learned from COVID-19

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Just in a few sentences: I don’t know a sh** about epidemics I should read more before having an opinion on something important To not be incredulous To be more alert about stuff... Read More.

The World After Coronavirus COVID-19

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Stranger times we are living. Not even less scary than Sci-Fi Movies could imagine, in order to avoid the massive propagation of a virus, yo... Read More.

I am afraid to winter after living in the Carribean

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Living in a paradise location is the dream of a lot of people, even it was mine. So I made it, I moved to Playa del Carmen in June 2019 and now after 8 months, I am really afraid of living or even being in a cold place. ... Read More.

The World in 2030

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Happy New Year! What exciting things do you think 2020 will bring to your life? Not only a new decade is a good time to set up some personal and professional objectives for your life, but it is always a milestone that yo... Read More.


What I love Doing


Building products and solutions that aligns with the vision and objetives from the company.

Quality Assurance

Is not fun, we all know. But once you have it a good process and a decent amount of tests you can start enjoying it.

3rd Party Integration

Do you need to build something using Stripe API? Or maybe Zendesk? I really enjoy to extend functionalities with APIs.


You can not conceive new products or functionalities without prior planning. I like to plan before executing any action.


Continuous improvement is a fundamental part of my approach to development. A initial version will never be perfect. Each new day we can improve something.

Learn Something New

I'm curious and I like to read and learn in a daily basis. My favorite sources: books, podcast, blogs and vlogs. I am a Hacker News active reader.


Royal Legal Solutions

My journey at Royal Legal Solutions started with a job listening on Craigslists seeking help with development and technology. It was Februar... Read More.

Club de Gorras

Club de Gorras was an ecommerce company. It was May 2015, I was 19 and decided to start a new journey. I used to start a lot of side project... Read More.

Globant – Disney

After having a great experience being a competitor and a global finalist of Microsoft Imagine Cup and working as a evangelist at Microsoft, ... Read More.


It was March 2012, I was working on Boddy Music for the Microsoft Imagine Cup competition, when one of my friends introduced me to some guys... Read More.