I’m Matías

Over the last decade, I’ve had the pleasure of build digital products and services for different companies as an employee or co-founder. Besides technology and startups, I also enjoy traveling and getting to know different cities in the world, which must include trying new food in each place.

My Recent Articles

Every day you can learn something new!

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I was using a tool to create cool videos with audiograms based on your audio. This is super useful to share those videos on social media or even YouTube. The tool is called Headliner and it’s free. The thing was wh... Read More.

Why do I love to share my knowledge?

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Over the past years, I shared my knowledge with a lot of people, including colleagues, friends, friends of friends, family, strangers and ev... Read More.

Choosing between a .com or .io domain for your project

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A few days ago I asked this question on a Facebook Group where there is a lot of founders and marketers: “Let’s say you can choose between .com or .io for your SaaS. Which option should you choose?” Per... Read More.

My presentation at WordCamp Guadalajara

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There you have my slide from my presentation at WordCamp Guadalajara 2019. Here are some useful resources you might need in order to reprodu... Read More.


What I love Doing


Building products and solutions that aligns with the vision and objetives from the company.

Quality Assurance

Is not fun, we all know. But once you have it a good process and a decent amount of tests you can start enjoying it.

3rd Party Integration

Do you need to build something using Stripe API? Or maybe Zendesk? I really enjoy to extend functionalities with APIs.


You can not conceive new products or functionalities without prior planning. I like to plan before executing any action.


Continuous improvement is a fundamental part of my approach to development. A initial version will never be perfect. Each new day we can improve something.

Learn Something New

I'm curious and I like to read and learn in a daily basis. My favorite sources: books, podcast, blogs and vlogs. I am a Hacker News active reader.


Royal Legal Solutions

My journey at Royal Legal Solutions starts with a job listening on Craigslists seeking for help with development and technology. It was Febr... Read More.

Club de Gorras

Club de Gorras was an ecommerce company. It was May 2015 when I was 19 and decided to start a new journey. I used to start a lot of side pro... Read More.

Globant – Disney

After having a great experience being a competitor and global finalist of Microsoft Imagine Cup and working as a evangelist at Microsoft, I ... Read More.


It was March 2012, I was working in Boddy Music for Microsoft Imagine Cup competition. A friend of mine introduce me some guys that were loo... Read More.