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The World After Coronavirus COVID-19

Stranger times we are living. Not even less scary than Sci-Fi Movies could imagine, in order to avoid the massive propagation of a virus, you need to stay in your home. It could be boring being inside for two weeks, a month or even two months, we all know. But right now is the only Read More.

The World in 2030

Happy New Year! What exciting things do you think 2020 will bring to your life? Not only a new decade is a good time to set up some personal and professional objectives for your life, but it is always a milestone that you can use as a reference date. Can you believe we are on Read More.

Is giving something for free a good strategic?

I was looking for some inspiration for a new idea I want to start working next year. To be more precise I was looking for some designs in the elearning field. Search for “elerning” on Dribbble, one of my favorite sites to inspire myself, and filtering by recent I found a free PSD templat... Read More.

Every day you can learn something new!

I was using a tool to create cool videos with audiograms based on your audio. This is super useful to share those videos on social media or even YouTube. The tool is called Headliner and it’s free. The thing was when I tried to download my video, I had an option to save it directly Read More.

Why do I love to share my knowledge?

Over the past years, I shared my knowledge with a lot of people, including colleagues, friends, friends of friends, family, strangers and every single person who ask me something. A few years ago I participated actively in a few online forums, today I am more active in different Facebook Groups with... Read More.

My presentation at WordCamp Guadalajara

There you have my slide from my presentation at WordCamp Guadalajara 2019. Here are some useful resources you might need in order to reproduce what I showed to the audience in my presentation: GitHub repo with gulpfile.js configuration Gist where you can see the github-update.php for the webhook and... Read More.