Why do I love to share my knowledge?

Over the past years, I shared my knowledge with a lot of people, including colleagues, friends, friends of friends, family, strangers and every single person who ask me something.

A few years ago I participated actively in a few online forums, today I am more active in different Facebook Groups with a focus on different topics such as Marketing, Technology, SaaS and Personal Development.

I equally like to ask for help or letting other people know my concerns or ideas about different topics than answering and teaching others. And that makes me think why do I love to share my knowledge with other people?

Here are a few answers to those questions:

  • I internalize the topic each time I teach something to somebody
  • It helps me to understand if I really know the topic that I am talking about
  • Allows me to discuss and see a different point of view and expand my ideas
  • Meet people and expand my networking
  • Is a way to give back to the community

Thanks to my different jobs and project I had the honor to speak in different conferences, hackathons, universities, be featured on TV, newspapers, radio shows and more!

And you can do the same! It’s really important for communities to have fresh content and some experts to ask different questions, and I am sure you are one of them! To find your niche, community, blogs, groups, etc, and start giving value for free, it will pay off at the end, I can guarantee that!