The Daily Stoic or how I am forcing myself to read every day

A few weeks ago I was watching some Instagram stories and @bookthinkers recommends this book and also mentioned it is part of his morning routine. I searched the book on Amazon and really like the concept, so I order it.

Besides the content and how the book can teach you how to be more stoic and have a stoic mindset, I really like the idea to read just one page every single day. So it became part of my mourning routine since I am really interested in acquiring the regular habit of reading.

I used to read a lot in a single day, then not reading for a few days, and repeat the process of reading one day and not reading for a week. Normally it was at night when I read, which means that I was losing some time for sleep or sleep quality just for the read. I was a very inconsistent person. Here is where The Daily Stoic helps me to be more consistent.

All 30 days from the past September I read a single page per day, every single day, without exception. It wasn’t hard, is just one page, but this helps me to develop two important aspects that I want to incorporate in my life: consistency and discipline.

Do you have a morning routine? What habit are you trying to achieve?