Globant – Disney

After having a great experience being a competitor and global finalist of Microsoft Imagine Cup and working as a evangelist at Microsoft, I had literally more than 15 new job offers per week on my LinkedIn account.

I moved from Mar del Plata, Argentina to Córdoba, Argentina to start assisting to university, it was June 2013 when I moved there and I was 18. After a few months of being a student, I decided to start working again.

On my inbox, I had an email from a recruiter from Globant, a company that I never hear about so far.

The offer was decent, my only concern was that I didn’t want to work full time since I was assisting to university daily. They told me that they only offer full-time positions but I should have days off when I had an exam. And they actually were super flexible and respect my times.

Legally I was working for Globant, and Disney was a customer from Globant. They have a floor full of developers in their office in Córdoba just to provide services to Disney. So, technically I was working for Disney.

The floor has decoration from Disney movies, the company gave to use some toys from Disney and Star Wars, that was fun!

We were around 50 developers and project manager divided into 7 different groups or teams. Each team has a project manager and a project lead with 3 to 7 developers.

In my team, we were in charge of every visual aspect of the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando Website.

My main contributions to the project were changes in the CSS and small changes in the JS files. The deployment process was really slow, around 50 minutes to see a change deployed on Staging. They used Bamboo for Continuous Integration.

To be honest, didn’t like it. I felt that I was not having a big impact on the company, I feel like a number in an ocean full of developers. Nobody hears my ideas – and I am the kind of person who likes to suggest and improve things all the time.

It was a boring job for my point of view, it doesn’t require to learn something new and it was super monotonous. So I quit after a few months.

I didn’t learn anything new about development or technology. But that doesn’t mean it was a bad experience or I didn’t learn something at all.

What I had learned working for Globant and Disney? One thing that I really liked about Globant was their employee onboarding process. On the first day, they teach you the company culture, software involved in your day to day with the company. Then the days after they introduce you to your team workers and HR.

Being able to code into Disney’s code I learned how to work with very large-scale systems, how a continuous deployment process works and why it’s important. I never imagine that hundreds of developers can work on a single website. Try to imagine the ROI your website and company have to have in order to hire 100s of developers.