Consulting & Freelancing

When I was 14, I began designing and coding static websites for some family friends in exchange for money. It was a fun experience for me because I was able to generate income as well as learn how to code basic PHP, HTML, and CSS.

Thanks to my entrepreneurial spirit, I was able to work as a freelancer when I was young without having a lot of experience. I took on any work opportunities I saw and tried to learn how to do them. And guess what? It enabled me to learn a lot while earning money.

A few years before learning how to code in PHP and the basics of web development, I started working with my team on our product: Boddy Music for the Microsoft Imagine Cup Competition.

That gave me a lot of new opportunities thanks to the media and people inside Microsoft. At that time, I was getting a lot of new emails requesting my help with different projects all of them in regards to technology: development, DevOps, software architecture and more.

I had the privilege of helping and working with different startups, agencies and companies in Argentina, Peru, Chile, México, Spain, United States, and Australia.

It’s always feels satisfying to be able to help a small team to solve a very particular problem or help a whole company to set up their server infrastructure. I believe that every problem has a solution.