I am starting a Podcast

I am excited to share this with you! I had the idea of share my thoughts, points of view and experience for a long time. Maybe that is the reason I started this blog and my commitment and compromise to write regularly.

Listening to a podcast is always a good idea for me, during a walk, cooking dinner or at the gym, I really like the format and how you can consume it, that is another great reason to do so.

A Podcast About Entrepreneurship and Technology is the name of my podcast, I started with Episode 0, a short introduction to the podcast and the host (me). Why Episode 0 instead of 1? Because we, tech people and developers, start counting with 0. That’s a really bad joke, I know.

Of course, it’s free to listen and you can use any of the following platforms: Spotify, Anchor, Castbox, Apple iTunes Podcast and soon in other platforms.

I would love to hear your feedback, suggestions, and topics you want to listen to the following Episodes.