I am afraid to winter after living in the Carribean

Living in a paradise location is the dream of a lot of people, even it was mine. So I made it, I moved to Playa del Carmen in June 2019 and now after 8 months, I am really afraid of living or even being in a cold place.

Right now I am in Austin, TX and the weather is around 9°C or 49°F. This weather is not really really cold, like once I have been in New York City when the thermometer hit -25°C or -13°F.

Autin, TX on Feb 20, 2020.

However, I live in a place when the thermal amplitude is around +/- 5°C, so that means 28°C during the day and 23°C at night.

Since I live here I rarely use long pants or a hoodie. The winter in this area is the best time of the year for my point of view.

Being here in Austin, in the middle of the winter makes me think that I am afraid of the winter or cold temperatures. I don’t like extremely hot or weather with tons of humidity (like Playa del Carmen), last summer in Playa del Carmen I complied a lot about the humidity, it was insane, you can’t even walk one block without sweating a lot.

I was thinking when you skip the winter session for so long, you get used to the nice weather really easy.

Finally, as you get used to that, you also get used to the lifestyle, in this case, the lifestyle that most people have in Playa del Carmen is chill and kind of, wait for things to happen instead of taking action. That’s the main reason I want to move to another city now. And… I think is much better when you go for a vacation, you are able to enjoy more since your time is limited, when you are living in paradise you know you have plenty of time so you postpone.